Yuma Car Show

On our very first Saturday in Yuma this year  Marilyn, my camera and I headed off to a car show. I came home with a couple of hundred pictures of very classy, very shiny, neat old cars.
I’ve wanted to share a few of these with you ever since. In the last few days we have gone from no internet to an amazingly fast 4G on our Verizon Mi-Fi. The time has come, fast internet is perfect for pictures.

It was a gorgeous sunny Saturday morning with probably three or four hundred cars on display.

 See the gal in the vent?

Today’s weather forecast for San Antonio is the opposite of that Saturday. They are predicting  severe weather, with flash flood warnings and the possiblity of “tornadic” winds. Sounds like a great day to hunker down, and get caught up on some of our unfinished projects.

There; that’s one off the list all ready.


2 thoughts on “Yuma Car Show

  1. I love the car shows and all the old cars..there was a car show in our resort in January…I drooled all afternoon..while I snapped pics…

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