Yuma, Arizona

We are at The Palms RV Resort in Yuma Arizona re-aquainting ourselves with civilization as we used to know it. Talk about culture shock!

We are here to visit friends Dale & Sheila, and Bonnie & George from Ontario and hope to hook up in a day or two with Sonny & Linda who we last saw in Prescott, Az on our way south last fall.

Look at the size of our lot! If we had a cat we could swing it! Notice the cement pad at our door? We drive on pavement, we can go to the tennis courts, the heated pools or hot tubs. We washed our coach yesterday and it’s not all dusty this morning. that’s probably because there is no dust.

We had our air conditioning on yesterday afternoon because it was so hot (no ocean to cool things off) and last night Mar & I sat out til close to 10 and talked (no bugs, nice and warm).

I won’t even start about all the stuff in the Walmart Super Center a couple of blocks away.

On the other hand, once you get out of the RV park you can feel the faster tempo; everyone is in a hurry, no where near as many smiling faces. Diesel at the Flying J is $3.87 a gallon, in Mexico we paid about $2.85.

Bob & I were walking around the park in Ajo yesterday and spied this “Custom RV” in the park next door:

It used to be a travel trailer, now it’s mounted ona 4X4 truck, probably diesel, lot’s of ground clearance. A real go anywhere RV.

Speaking of the Krulls, when we left Ajo, we turned left, they turned right. We heard from them last night, they are safe and sound in Apache Junction. I’m sure they too are enjoying pavement and concrete as they too reminisce about their Mexico trip.

Safe Travels to us all.

We never really grow up, we only learn how to act in public.

4 thoughts on “Yuma, Arizona

  1. Yes its nice not to have the dust and the big site but not to throw a cat(Toga didn’t like that ) I’M getting a shopping mall withdrawal, love it the U.SA. and hey our $ today was $1.03, get shopping Marilyn!!!

  2. Welcome back to “civilization” but as everything in this world there are always some down sides too,the thing is the BALANCE.
    Hope to meet you in Ontario.

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