You Asked For It.

You asked for it and you got it. I posted this on Facebook as a photgraph that I’d taken early one morning here on the Isla. Every comment said it should be an original Mar.

Why don’t we let her tell you about it.

I’d like to say that I married her because of her talent. Actually though, the truth is I married  for her money. That’s a joke. Neither one of us had any.

I don’t remember why we married any more but I’m sure glad we did. With out question she is my Best Bud Ever.

6 thoughts on “You Asked For It.

  1. Hey I love the painting!!! After seeing Larry today maybe your wish of having a day off from walking, came true.. Hope he,s O.K. tho!!!!!

  2. Hello Folks:
    What a touching blog! I can certainly tell how close you two are and that said it all!
    Today was cold, with wind chill factor, -24 but is to warm up on the weekend.
    You are certainly getting your exercise, mine is running down the lane to the mailbox and back up, too cold to do anything else.
    Take care, Barb

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