Wrapping It Up, Travelling On

Evening at the Big O RV Resort

This RV is ready to travel

  • We’ve done the 15 mile ride on our bikes down the levee to the locks and back for the last time
  • We’ve walked the dogs around the RV park and Buster has barked at every dog he’s learned to hate over the past 5 weeks.
  • We said our last “See you later’s” at Joe’s Bar. (we don’t do “goodbyes” anymore
  • We’ve hit the ABC liquor store so the wine cupboard is full
  • We dropped a couple of hundred bucks in Wal-Mart this morning. That fills the fridge and pantry
  • We are less than a half hour from being all packed up.
  • We are certainly ready to move on.

See you later Joe’s Bar

It’s not that there is anything or anybody we don’t like about the Big O. We are having a ball visiting with Brian and Sheila and have met some neat folks here but there’s still a little kid in both of us and from here we do get to go to Fort wilderness and Disney World for a few days. Add to that, while there we hook up with our daughter Pam and hubby James Monday for a few days.

there’s still a little kid in both of us and from here we do get to go to Disney World for a few days

Our plans for the rest of the day you ask? You’ve seen pictures of our backyard here looking out over the canal; and one thing I didn’t pack yet was our ┬ázero gravity chairs. That should look after the rest of the afternoon. And then we are off to Brian and Sheila’s for an adios amigos dinner.

Even though we are less than 3 hours from Fort Wilderness, I’m betting this RV will be travelling the highway as soon as the fog clears in the morning.

This morning’s view of the canal and levee

The one thing that unites all human beings, regardless of age, gender, religion or ethnic background, is that we all believe we are above-average drivers.
Dave Barry