I worked. And I worked hard!

Might as well right? I’m only there for 3 days, so I can’t put anything off. I either do it or I forget about it.

Did I have fun you ask? I had a blast! Forgive me if you’ve heard this before, but I love RV’s and I love talking about them.

I remember way back in the mid 70’s, we were out in BC provincial park¬† in our camper, and I remember thinking “I love this life. In fact I love it so much, I should be telling people about it. Since 1978, that’s what I have been lucky enough to do.”

abandoned home and a sunset

abandoned home and a sunset

Not only was it a nice break but I sold a few. Some folks in central Alberta have great plans for their new 30′ fifth wheel trailer that will soon be built, a widowed gentleman from Toronto has a new grandpa suite sitting next to his daughter’s home on her acreage in rural Ontario and a young family now has a new trailer to take their teeny new baby camping this summer. They also have lots of room for even more babies in their new RV. There’s some lucky grandparents out there!

I’ve got a few things to follow-up, but I’m off for a couple of weeks until the Sicard crew head off to their next show.

winter orchard

The orchard is sleeping right now


I was chatting with one of the service writers at Sicards yesterday and she was telling me that they are getting calls from snowbirds now in Florida booking their RV’s in to have them winterized. “We’re freezing our ass off down here and we’re doing it with US dollars. We’re coming home” they are saying

We’ve seen the weather reports from down there. We understand.


Practice, Practice, Practice

Get out the popcorn. I’ve got another video for you to watch. This one is about my favorite 5th wheel floor plan. It’s been out for a couple of years, every manufacturer builds a similar model but this one is my personal fave. It’s built by Montana, a Keystone product, and sells in the mid 80’s Canadian.

abandoned home and a sunset

abandoned home and a sunset


Here’s a story with a happy ending for you: I always try to go and come back a different road when I go to work. Yesterday, after work, You would think I’ve seen them all between Smithville and St Catharines, but apparently no. I find a new road, I’m excited.¬† The road gets narrow but I’m OK, I know roughly where I am. The pavement ends, and gravel begins. Now we add mud, now even more mud. And then I spy this old abandoned stone house. Today we stop and wash the car. Everything is now just fine.

“When the pavement ends, the fun begins”

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