They couldn’t have named winterlude any better. For every four cars on the street there is one snow plow, each plow working hard to keep up with the with the blizzard. But we’re Canadian eh? So there we were trudging through the snow Valiently going from winterlude event to winterlude event, to a cozy warm Pub & beyond.

We’re here with buds Dale and Sheila, Dale’s sister Denise and their friends Spence and Debbie.

Here’s a few of the ice sculptures.

I didn’t bring my laptop so I’m doing this post on my phone, a little crude I must add.

Today is supposed to be sunny, we’ve got lots planned and hopefully, before the day is over, I can figure out how to do a better job of this blog. Catch you later.

I leave you with a shot of the lobby of our hotel. Pretty classy place!

5 thoughts on “Winterlude

  1. Glad to see you made it to my neck of the woods. Enjoy Winterlude, the Craft Beer and see if you can find the Duck Wings.

  2. George; we’e talked about staying home next year and then spending the summer in the west. We’ll see.

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