Will This Come True?

I borrowed a bit of this article from RVBusiness.com. They are quoting the folks from Statistical Surveys Inc., a group that does a lot of work for the RV industry, and talking about the future price of oil.

Have a read:

It is interesting that once again the oil traders are looking for a run up in oil prices, Statistical Surveys Inc. General Manager Tom Walworth tells RVBUSINESS.com and RVBusiness magazine, for which the Grand Rapids, Mich,-based executive generates periodic policy statements.

We are currently looking at a very similar pace as we had in late 2007 and all of 2008. If you remember the stories in 2008, the world was running out of oil. The developing nations were using supply that they had not used in the past and this, we were told, justified the run up in fuel prices.

Yet, if you take a look at the accompanying graph, we started December of 2007 at a national average price of $3.11 per gallon. In January we went to $3.15 per gallon and by July we were at $4.16. Curiously, in December of 2010 the price for a gallon of gas was $3.11 per gallon. The January 2011 price was $3.14 per gallon.

Does this look familiar?

Still have your interest? You can read the full article here

What do you think? Are we back on that roller coaster? Do we have a choice?