Why Not Look Around?

Hope you don’t mind getting wet.

Today we are gazing down at Niagara Falls

[momentopress url=https://momento360.com/e/u/83703d2d65614d17b32eef83f97c47b7?utm_campaign=embed&utm_source=other&utm_medium=other]


If you want to click on the box on the right, it’s a 360, so with your mouse, or your finger you can look all around. You can check out the ground at your feet or gaze up at that bird that’s about to poop on your glasses.

With your tablet or your smart phone you can get the same views just by moving your device around, or use your VR glasses if you have some (I don’t).

I never promised you a rose garden.

For this next image we are at St Catharine’s Montebello Park, in their beautiful rose garden. At least you won’t get wet here:

[momentopress url=https://momento360.com/e/u/e5d017de46b54aab8068e6c2aee8acc9?utm_campaign=embed&utm_source=other&utm_medium=other]

I spent hundreds of hours over the winter learning about photography, and along the way read about 360 cameras. The concept really intrigued me, to the point where Marilyn bought me a 360 camera for my birthday. Since April, I’ve been spending more and more time with it, even becoming a “Google Trusted Photographer”along the way.
I’m looking forward to your comments.

Have you got time for one more before we go?


They say that “Life’s a beach.”

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Now get your self dried off and wash the sand off your feet. You’ve got chores to do.

Beach stands for Best Escape Anyone Can Have”

Thank you for the read and your comments

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