Who’s Shiny Now?


I like to polish our coach twice a year; Once during the winter when we are down south and once in the summer when we are settled in at 50 Point.

We are now in the countdown mode, and looking forward to  being back on the road in 6 or 8 weeks so it’s time to start paying attention to the to-do list I’ve been packing since we got back last April..

Two days off this week and I spent them both climbing up and down a  ladder polishing our rig and  as a result, I think probably every bone in my body is talking to me.

The good news is that I’m proud of all my hard work and happy with the results.

4 thoughts on “Who’s Shiny Now?

  1. Cleaning a motorhome has got to be the biggest job ever. We were only seasonal users, so it was mostly a springtime job that took a couple days.
    I bow to your motorhome cleaning tenacity.

  2. Hi Contessa: No Isla this year. I think that now falls into the category of “been there, done that”. You know we like our wheels best when they’re turning. We are going to do the east coast this winter, in fact looks like we are going to get our kids for a week or so in Florida next spring. Looking forward to that already!

  3. That’s the beauty of having your home on wheels, you go where you want to. We still love the Isla as is is perfect for us to do nothing comfortably with all of our needs easily met. Once we retire we will have time to drive all over, that is the long term plan.

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