Who Would Believe?

Our front TV is flat screen and it’s High Definition but it’s not digital. Ya, I know, I didn’t know they came like that either, but they do. Just ask me.

When we were in Sacramento I finally went to Frye’s and bought the digital converter, took it home and hooked it up.

So here we sit in Fresno, 1065 miles south of where the game is being played, Vancouver B.C., our dish won’t lock in because it can’t see through the tree next to us. This is kind of an important day for us Canadadian kids because today is our Grey Cup game and that’s roughly the equivalent of the Super Bowl down here. I turn on my computer, I can’t get the video, not that good a Wi-Fi signal, but I do get to listen to it on 630CHED, an Edmonton, Alberta, Canada radio station.
Later I crank up our newly renovated, now digital, TV antenna and guess what? We have TSN and the grey cup rebroadcast on one of the 50 something channels (A1TV) we are getting today on over-the air TV about 1700 kilometers south.

So now the question is; How badly do we need our dish?
Oh, and by the way, Way to go Lions!