Who Wants To Be First?

Way back last October I got the news: I have Prostrate Cancer and am scheduled for surgery in early April 2011.

 In November we talked about running the Harry’s Spring Run-Off, an 8 km run for Prostrate Cancer, with our kids.

While I’ve regularily told you about all the fun we’ve been having down here this winter what I haven’t told you is that we have , 2 or 3 times a week, been for a 4 or 5 km run through the village, on the “highway”  or down the beach.  For sure we won’t be the first one across the finish line,  but we will finish the whole 8km.

So we are doing our part. Now here comes your part:

The purpose of this run is to raise money for prostrate cancer. I need you to sponsor us .

What ever you can spare, what ever makes sense. It will all add up.

We’ll run, we’ll sweat, our hearts will pound. You throw us a few pesos or dollars, what ever you can afford.

How do I help you ask?

First click on this LINK. Then sponsor a member of the amazing vanstones. What ever works, click here and do it.

You are sponsoring anyone on our team called  Amazing Vanstones. When you get to the donor page you  either search Amazing Vanstones and then pick your team meamber or. go directly to your favorite team member.

And while you are in the mood, guys, get your PSA checked. It’s really no big deal to get it done.