Who Done It?


There are strange things happening in 50 Point these days, especially around site 11. Who or what could it be doing what they are doing? Our site backs on to a large farmer’s field and this year our friendly farmer is growing corn. Over the last few days our yard has become  littered with stripped clean corn cobs, discarded husks, and  little piles of  kernels .

The suspects include a few wild turkeys, rabbits, lots of squirrels and a few big turtles. We ran them all through a police lineup just like you see on TV but that didn’t work.  No one had corn kernels stuck in their teeth and none of them were talking. Once we secured the crime scene and conducted our investigation the perps became more obvious. First we eliminated the turtles, they can’t climb. The turkeys really don’t look smart enough to pull off an intricate heist like that and if there is one thing that Bugs Bunny taught us all those years ago, it’s that rabbits like carrots. As soon as we realized all the evidence was carelessly left at the base of trees we zeroed  in on the squirrels. Their first response was “nuts to you” but once Buster got them in the interrogation tent and barked at them with authority they all chattered like, well actually they chattered like squirrels.

Book’em Buster!

In the end, it’s a good news story for everyone, except for you.You who has been tricked into reading this  corny tale.

One thought on “Who Done It?

  1. you crack me up…be careful your a ‘nut’ the squirrels might carry you away Larry…B & M should be arriving this week 🙂 hope you guys are still planning a trip this way..can’t wait…

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