Which Way you Going Larry?

Last year, on our way through Arizona, on our way to Mexico, we made a couple of observations:
We were hurrying through areas we had never really seen to get to areas we were quite familiar with.
We were about to make our fourth motorhome trip, our 8th or 10th overall, into Mexico.
Perhaps it was time for a new vision.
So if you asked us where we were going anytime up until about August we would have said we weren’t sure but probably Arizona somewhere.
Then, one Saturday night after a glass of wine or two we recalled that the last time we were in the Baja in a motorhome was the winter of 2001-02. Perhaps it was time for a 10th anniversary trip.
So from then until a few days ago we were headed to San Jose Del Cabo and visiting many other memories in Baja California Sur.
Maybe it was the long 2200 mile run out here or reading Chis and Cherie over at Technomadia or  maybe it’s just second thoughts but now we really don’t know where we are going and we are just fine with that.

Currently we are going to go where we are going to go. We are here in Edmonton for another week or so, then off to visit my sister and her hubby in Kamloops, BC.

We think after that, we’ll head south for a bit. We’re thinking that this time of year South makes so much more sense than North, don’t you agree?

Will we follow the path you see above or the one you see below?  I’m guessing this year we are going somewhere different. Maybe see some new sights, have some new experiences. Maybe meet some more neat folk who become more good friends.

Isn’t that what this lifestyle is all about?

Pack yourself a bag and climb aboard. But be careful, there will be happy hours.


3 thoughts on “Which Way you Going Larry?

  1. Thats the way, go with the flow. We will probably get to Arizona by December (lots to see on the way) and wander about there and California for a while then??? Maybe a happy hour or two in the desert. Travel safe an maybe we will see ya along the way.

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