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See the “A”: in this map? I bet you are thinking that’s us. Well it’s not. Google has the same problem finding us as our Garmin did. Move along that same street a couple of blocks to your left, closer to the desert. Now you see us. That’s me in that motorhome on the computer. It’s 6 in the morning and yes it’s still dark out. By the way,  it’s already 15 degrees C (low 60’s) and we are heading for 77F.
Back to the map: On our block we have the large park/drainage area on the east end of the block. The rest of our block has about 35 lots on it with a mixture of uses. About 1/3 have your typical Arizona desert homes, another third would be modular (prebuilt) homes and the remainder have hook-ups for a couple of RV’s, probably a shed or Casita (often with a bathroom, kitchen and laundry. This is typical for this whole area; a mixture of uses all living together, some blocks with more houses, some with less. some are almost all RV lots.
Our lot has an older trailer accross the back, a shed and room for 2 large RV’s down the sides. Ours also has a fence on the street side so the dogs are free to roam. We are on one side, Sonny and Linda are on the other
The folks we are renting from tell us that they bought this lot about 10 years ago to park their RV, put the trailer in as a bunk house for company, later selling their RV and buying a house in the area.
Their goal would be to rent out each side of the lot for 4 or 5 months every winter for about $350 per month. They tell us that these days finding long term renters is a bit of a challenge so that’s how we wind up here for our 20 day stay-over. At $15 per night we think we have struck gold.

Look at that blue sky! It just never ends
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