Where The Hell Have You Been?

It’s been weeks since we last chatted. I’ve been so worried about you! I checked every day, never a word.

Us? Oh, we’ve been fine! Things have changed a bit, we’ve moved out of our RV. We now live in a real nice classy townhouse in downton Toronto. Just off Queen Street, near the Don Valley Parkway.
Years ago our dream ( before we decided to go full timing) was that when the kids left home we would move in to a condo in downtown Vancouver. So we are close, we are downtown in a big city, and so far, we are loving it!
We haven’t even unpacked yet so I gotta go. But I promise I’ll write again soon, but only if you do the same.

6 thoughts on “Where The Hell Have You Been?

  1. WOW! First, do you still have the coach? Second, three dogs? We are selling our coach and are in Houston, Tx waiting to finalize the deal. Still living in PaaMul, Mx and love it! Best to you and Marilyn! Hugs, Rose and Guy

  2. What! How wonderful for you guys! Hoping you will still want to get outta there in the winter though!

  3. Are you guys still going south this winter? I hope you will be very happy in your new living style.
    We could not do this, we need the open spaces.

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