Where Are We, Really?

 Here’s on last look at the dunes. This was early yesterday morning, after it had rained all night.

Ok, just so we all understand. Wednesday we awoke in Yuma Arizona. Thursday we awoke at the Dunes in California but then left there and travelled back into Arizona. This is Friday and we are on the east side of Lake Havasu about 15 miles south of Lake Havasu City parked on the side of a hill in the area called “The Steps”

They call this area “The Steps” because years ago a developer bought this hillside and cut the “steps” into the hill so that he could sell it off as either a modular home or RV park. The story is he ran out of money before he got any services in here. Too bad, the views are fantastic. It is now a popular boondocking area, especially so with the Escapees. And that’s why we are here.

Ok, I’m with you so far you say, but why are you really there? I thought you would never ask.
We are here for the Winter Blast and that starts in Havasu tonight. Now you ask “What’s Winter Blast?” (Boy, you sure have a lot of questions!) Every year about this time there is a Western Pyrotechnic’s convention here in Havasu and each night during their convention the boys and the girls, the conventioneers, get together to shoot off  a few favorite and their latest fireworks. Just to show their stuff. It’s supposed to be one hell of a show, I know we’re excited.

With a l little luck, tomorrow we will have pictures.

Once again, thanks for the read.

3 thoughts on “Where Are We, Really?

  1. We took a trip to Glamis yesterday. It certainly is an amazing little place. We’re thinking we may even go back that way in the motorhome after the holiday weekend but who knows. Now I’m going to also have to figure out how to get to “The Steps” around Havasu. We learn so much through other blogs. Thanks!

  2. Jeri; After the weekend would be good.It’s gotta be zoo out there today. The Steps is between mile marker 165 and 166 on highway 95 north of Parker. You will see the pull off near where the power lines cross the road. We get our best information from other Boomers, a part of Escapees. You will never regret joining Escapees and Boomers. Tell them Larry sent you.

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