What’s That Smell?

I’m sure we’ve all been through this.

We’re having a great day rolling down ( or maybe it was rolling up) the highway, the road is smooth, the traffic is light, the sun in shining and life is good. We pull into a rest area for lunch  when all of a sudden Marilyn says “What’s that smell?” I’m thinking it smells like burning wires or maybe an electric motor but at a time like this we need to keep cool so I answer “What smell?”

We shut everything off and have a we have a quick look around. We can definitely smell something burning but can’t see any smoke.

I dig further, opening every cupboard and compartment door, I look and I sniff. Next cupboard, then look and sniff.  I’m sniffing so hard my nostrils are enlarging, my face becoming gorilla like, but soldier that I am, I sniff on.

No smells inside, so I move outside, opening every basement compartment, still looking and sniffing pushing my head far into every cubicle. Still nothing. By now my brain is in overdrive; In my mind we’ve had a severe short in our electrical system and have burned out all the thousands of feet  of wiring in our coach. all repairable, but we will stuck in this rest area for weeks, maybe months, and it will cost us kazillions.

We leave it alone for a bit, the smell goes away. We start the coach and the smell returns. I think I can hear a motor like the water pump whirring away.

After a while the whirring stops, the smell begins to dissipate. What ever was burning has burned out. We carefully test all the systems, everything is still  working. Everything, that is, until we get to the electric step cover. It won’t move. We’ve found the problem, but it’s really minor and can wait until we get home.

I tried so hard to stay cool, but I haven’t mastered handling stress yet.

We’re back on the road, the sun is shining even brighter,  the wide road smoother and we have the highway all to ourselves. Isn’t this a great life we live?


“Beauty is and always will be blue skies and open highway.” -Dave Hickey

5 thoughts on “What’s That Smell?

  1. Wow you had me worried there thinking about that spaghetti behind the front TV, all is good. We are stopped for the last night before home tomorrow been a good winter. Safe travels to 50 Point

  2. We had our step cover pack it in this winter and discovered the motor needs replacing. I found one after-market through Grainger’s and a hell of a lot cheaper that the $183 Monaco quoted for the same motor. I am able to disassemble the step cover and pull the whole unit out from under the floor but can’t get it out far enough to access the motor. I’m being told the door frame has to come off to do and that doen’t sound like a fun job. I wouldn’t mind hearing some follow-up on this if you think about it.

    We enjoy following your blog. We went down the Baja this winter with Chapter 8 Escapees as far as Bahia Concepcion and loved it. Had some minor damage on the bottom edges of the coach from the wonderful Mexican roads but we just left the body shop in Yuma and everything looks good as new.

    Best regards to you and Marilyn, hope to meet up again one of these years.


  3. Hey Dave, good to hear from you guys. Our step cover motor quit a couple of weeks ago too but I have yet to get it fixed. I need to d that. I’ll let you know what happens. Larry

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