What’s Best?

Marilyn got this from the artist who designed and created it.  She thinks she has an incredible find and she  thought it was a teapot. I thought it would make a fine, small, wine carafe, you know, something suitable for a wee taste before breakfast or brunch.

Turns out, neither one of us are 100% right. First Mar made tea, which was great, but she burned her hand on the “teapot”  handle. So tonight we got to try my idea. She didn’t burn her hand but it turns out it’s too small for a 750 ml bottle of wine.

So tell me, what is the best use for this fine piece of art?

One thought on “What’s Best?

  1. Well…. that is a challenge.
    Since it can’t be used for tea, I suggest that it would make a great planter! The cowboy needs a little more up top, so get one of those Chia Pet plants.
    Once established his hat can sit on his head, or just hang it on his wrist.

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