What’s A “Good Luck” Duck?

It’s one amazing read, that’s what it is. I noticed a couple of weeks ago that this blog was being stalked by a Good Luck Duck.

At first I was OK with it, then I began to have nightmares into the wee hours. In these strange days they tell us that one can’t be too careful because you could get wacked by a falling satellite or get an invitation to dinner at a nice restaraunt with  a completey un-nice suicide bomber. And everybody knows you would never go to Mexico without a baseball bat or gun or both.

So, really, what is this duck thing anyway?

It’s a couple of extremely wacky ladies who share their strange and hysterical thoughts with anyone who cares to read them. I’ve been told politely that I  look at world from a little different perspective than the average Larry. If that’s the case I will plead that I am nearly normal compared to this pair.

Be prepared for a snicker when you read the Good Luck Duck

2 thoughts on “What’s A “Good Luck” Duck?

  1. You are definitely not the average Larry thats why we like you. Most rver’s are not average either thats what makes life interesting. Thanks for the Good luck Duck I think everybody needs one!

  2. Ducks eat for free at Subway.

    Thanks for the shout-out, and the “compliment”! I looked at my stats and said What the QUACK is going on at the Vanstones? I like that you are not the average Larry.

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