What The @&%$


What the hell is that on the top of that hill? It looks like…No, it can’t be.  Well, maybe it is. We are just north of San Carlos, on our way back from the Soggy Peso, but more on that later.

We talked about San Carlos last year and we talked about another famous mountain just outside of town and then this year Susan shows us this one. What’s with this town?

Now George, you for sure will remember the Soggy Peso from when we were here last year. When we were here last year and had a couple of  pops, or who can remember maybe they were beers. So today we went back to show the place off to Bob & Marjorie and Joseph & Susan. The place is packed, there’s a band playing, the place is rocking.

They tell us they are having a special party Monday night to celebrate the  full moon. We gaze around at some of the characters in the bar and agree it could be fun. Maybe we should stay in San Carlos an extra day, park the coaches on the beach next to the bar and enjoy. Now I see why they say Mexico is so dangerous. We could do something really silly.

But wouldn’t it be fun?

4 thoughts on “What The @&%$

  1. It looks soooo beautiful! I love Mexico. Keep having such a wonderful time. Its a balmy 11 degrees in Toronto today! miss you. xo

  2. How could we forget the Soggy Peso, our first Mexican Bar on a great beach. Cold beverages, good food, soft sand, good company, all the windsurfers, and I have the T-shirt. Parking on the beach sounds like an excellent idea!

  3. Well all I saw was a man’s face ….forehead, nose, chin and adam’s apple… but then that is from an artist’s prospective….. one without enough cerviza or Black Box …. obiviously !!!!!!

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