What! No Picture?

This morning finds us in Coolidge ,  less than hour southwest of Apache Junction.

Last night we had dinner with Randy and Nancy Hodgson, friends we met last year in Mexico. Actually, I’d met Nancy earlier. She had been doing research on Mexican RV parks and found my blog. Talk about persistence, she is still a loyal reader.

The Hodgson’s life took an unexpected turn when they were on their way home in the spring of 2011. They were settled in an RV park near Benson when they heard all the chatter about cheap real estate in Arizona. Six weeks later they had made a deal on an almost new 2300 square foot home in a quiet residential area of Coolidge, a small town not far from Casa Grande.

Actually “deal” is hardly the right word. They invested less for their quality two-story home then a lot of people pay for a good used fifth wheel. Their good friends have also bought in the area and more friends are looking. It’s working out well for them.

We know a number of Canadians, all used to-be-RVers who have bought residential property down here over the last couple of years. Some of them find that while they have a gorgeous home in the sun, (every Canucks dream right?) they are thousands of miles from family and friends and are just plain lonely.

With the news this morning is that the banks are about to begin a new batch of foreclosures down here, looks like there will be lots more opportunities to grab some bargain basement priced real estate.

Anyway, it’s working great for them. They have a beautiful home in the sun, and lots of friends around them. They are certainly living the dream.

She is also a great decorator and an amazing cook. Thanks for a fun evening guys.

By now you understand the headline. We forgot our camera, didn’t even take my phone. Sorry, I’ll try to do better next time.

And next time will be tonight. Today we move another 100 miles south to Amado hook up with Bob and Marjorie, Roger and Suzie & Don and Barb, all on their way back from a few months on Stone Island, near Mazatlan.

I promise I’ll have a camera ready.


3 thoughts on “What! No Picture?

  1. Nice that you got to meet up with Randy and Nancy at their home in Coolidge a nice area in Arizona. I can’t imagine trading in our wheels until we absolutley have too thou. Too bad you forgot you camera. And a few miles south to meet up with you friends from Tres Amigos, have fun!

  2. we really enjoyed your company too….hope we get to do it again someday in the near future……..say hello to everyone tonite and extend our welcome to all……hope buster makes out ok tomorrow…….safe travels…till we meet again……..take lots of pictures tonite , still love your blg NANCY

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