What Do You Weigh?


Not you exactly, I’m not getting personal here. I mean what does your RV weigh?
I’ve been telling people for years that the typical couple pack about 1200 pounds in their toy and that fulltimers get closer to a ton. Then I always jokingly added that they hadn’t checked with us before they chose that number.
Good thing I added the little joke at the end.
Yesterday, in an effort to make sure I was setting the correct tire pressure I weighed our rig.
So according to Larry the average fulltimer packs two thousand pounds right?

We rang in at a whopping 3870 pounds of cargo. And that’s before we stock up on our beloved Angel Soft and our even more beloved Black Box after we cross the border.
The good news is we have capacity for all that stuff and more. A lot of RV’s don’t.
Is it time you weighed your RV?

I dig into this issue a little deeper on my other, seldom visited blog, RV Questions.Net

One thought on “What Do You Weigh?

  1. We have weighed our coach every year fully loaded including us, water and fuel and have all the weight that our GVW plate tells us, so we are good to go and keep our tires at the proper pressure as well, its all about safety. Not sure what it weighs empty.

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