What An Amazing Weekend!

Finally, the summer weather we have been searching for all through June, July and most of August. The last few days we are enjoying mid 20 degree days, lots of sun, and the forecast for lots more days of the same.

This weekend we have taken full advantage of the days, yesterday with a bike ride on our tandem to take some movies back in Grimsby, then carry on for a total 20 or 30 mile ride before we got home. Today the dogs got a huge walk through 50 Point before Mar and I hopped on our individual bikes and rode down to Hamilton Beach and back.

It’s now about 3 oclock and Mar is setting up here easel and canvas to work away on her latest creation. I’m guessing she should be finished soon and I would call his her best yet.

As soon as I’ve posted this my plan is to check out one of our zero-gravity chairs. Maybe this time I can snooze without snoring. OK, OK, not likely, but I can try.

So what’s the picture about you ask? Hamilton is doing a lot of work on their bike routes. Marilyn think the cyclist’s bike route stop signs are “cute”.