We’re Back!

Just for a bit, but we are back. Still alive and well, lots of great stories to tell. Havin the time of our lives. We have had no communication, no internet, no phone, no satellite radio, no satellite TV  for over a week. We are in Uxmal,(pronounced Uuchmall) Mexico, visiting the ruins, caught our first long distance phone so Mar let her Mom know she was still alive and talked to our daughter Pam. Then we found a Wi-Fi signal. They gave us the password so we could sit in their bar, have a beer and use their internet.  I would of kissed him, but he was not at all “pretty”. I’ll send Mar over later, after a couple of beers, she’ll do it. I’ll try to post a couple more before we move on to Chichen Itza. We should be in Paa Mull and internet in a few days so if we don’t talk to you before we will then.

ps: I see in T.O today they expect  a little snow. It’s 40 C here, our generator and air re going full blast. Our Sirius satellite is back, Luka Bloom is doing a great rendition of ” the Dancin Queen”.Gotta love the RV lifestyle.

Later, gotta dress for dinner.

pps; I’ll add pictures later