Went for One

I was introduced to Gord Bamford. Well, maybe that’s not quite right.

Let me explain:

Marilyn loves country music, especially Canadian country music. She knows all the artists, she knows all their songs, and I’m a little behind. I’m still back in the era of  Waylon, Willie , Tammy Wynette and then on the Canadian side there’s Gordie Tapp and Tommy Hunter.  When she found out that Gord Bamford  was coming to our little home town of  she declared she was going and I was invited.

I guess maybe I’d heard some of his music, but Marilyn sang every word in every song, it  was basically all new to me. I will admit, I really did enjoy myself. He certainly has the voice and the artistic imagination (I love his lyrics) and the sold out  Partridge Hall in First Ontario Place is an amazing theater and has  great acoustics.

I always seem to leave any concert I’ve ever been to with one line of one song that resonates with me. This may bring back some nasty memories for you too:                       “Went for one, stayed til two”

big waves on Lake Ontatio

Lake Ontario was a little ugly yesterday


Speaking of Tommy Hunter, did I ever tell you my Tommy Hunter story?

I was thirteen when we got our first TV. It was a black and white, we only got one channel and we loved it. In our house the highlights included Sunday nights with Ed Sullivan and Friday nights with “Canada’s own country gentleman, Tommy Hunter.” Then I discovered girls and I was way too busy for Tommy on Fridays.

Many years later, when Mare and I first arrived in Ontario, I was looking for a job. They told me that with my experience, Sicard RV was the place for me to be, so off we went to Smithville to check the place out. When I saw all the big motorhomes I knew they were right and went in to apply. I was just in the showroom door surveying the place when a very tall good-looking man came up to me and asked me how he could help. I introduced myself and told him why was there. That gentleman took me to a Sicard brother and told him I was looking for a sales job and based on what he knew about me Blair should hire me. He did. The gentleman was none other than Canada’s own Tommy Hunter. He was a friend of the Sicards and owned a  really classy coach.

Once again, I thank you for your undivided attention. Please come again.

“Every man dies. Not everyman lives” William Wallace

2 thoughts on “Went for One

  1. I’m remembering standing in line for an autograph when Tommy Hunter performed at the Memorial Arena in Kamloops in the very early 60’s. Wasn’t often we had famous performers visit us in those days.

  2. You’re right. The only thing I ever remember at the Memorial arena was hockey and Friday night skating. I don’t think I ever saw him in person until I got to Smithville.

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