We Welcome Our Wenzel


We ordered it, we paid for it and we waited for it. Remember? We told you the story of buying  our Wenzel  right here.

It passed the first test. Looks like the dogs are OK with it.

Yesterday we got both an email and a text telling us our package had arrived, so off to Walmart we went.

We were home with it by three o’clock. We’ve got time, lets set it up and see how it looks. So far, so good! The kids love it and  the frame is stronger than any of the others we’ve had and it was easy to put up.

But it’s not a canopy, it’s a screen house so lets finish the job.

The good quality screen fastens with both hooks and velcro. Everything is fitting pretty well but here comes the big test.

Looks like Mar likes it too

The screen is a good tight mesh. we think we will be really happy with it. And we bought it from Walmart so if we ever decide differently, no matter where we are we know that back it goes with no questions.

Then we visit Flounders


This is rum and coke?

After all that hard work we deserve a meal out. We’re near about 30 or 40 bars and restaurants, lets walk down the street to Flounders. We can eat, we can drink, hell, we can probably even  learn to flounder. Marilyn orders a wine, I’m in for a rum and coke. Her wine looks and tastes just fine but “is that really rum and coke?” I ask Karl, our server.  He casually suggests that maybe there is less coke than I expected and he will fix that right away if I want. I have another taste; If I pay close attention I can detect a slight taste of coke. I get it, I’m not in Grimsby any more. “No problem Karl, I’m good” I reply.

Neither one if us is hungry, so we order a couple of appies;  an order of baked oysters and a plate of sea food nachos.

Grande Nachos, grande

This is one tall plate of nachos. It’s not as tall as say a wine bottle, but it’s certainly a lot taller than a long neck beer. It tastes delicious but there must have been an engineer in the kitchen there somewhere to get all that food to sit on one plate.
Now, we’re really not hungry. Or thirsty.

“Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside.”-Mark Twain

It’s good you came over. I enjoyed the chat, hope you did too. Thanks.




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  1. We forgot to tell you about HUGE serving of Nachos…. try the clam chowder next time – delicious!

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