Welcome to the Anchor Bar

I wasn’t around to witness this next fact but they tell me that in the year 1935 some folks named Frank and Teresa opened a restaurant and bar. You guessed it, they called it the Anchor Bar.

Fast forward to late one night in the mid 60’s, Teresa is working the bar and group of hungry guys come in. Not only are they hungry, they’re very happy if you get drift.

All that’s left in the fridge was a bunch of chicken wings, usually a part of the chicken used to make chicken soup. They say “necessity is the mother of invention” so with a hot fryer and a little “secret sauce” chicken wings were born.

Who hasn’t heard of Buffalo wings?

I know this to be true because last week Marilyn and I, along with our good friends Bob and Marjorie were in Buffalo and in the interests of visiting a bar we’ve never visited, preferably a funky old bar, we decided to take in a little history.

No need to thank us for our investigative journey on your behalf. We proudly take up the challenge. Especially when funky old bars are concerned.

I’m happy to say that this totally worthless piece of information was completely produced on my tablet. A feat I’m only rarely able to accomplish.

Now, let’s go for a beer and wings.

6 thoughts on “Welcome to the Anchor Bar

  1. Cannot wait to try this out on our next visit. May I also add it commendable how you continue to investigate so we can learn from your tireless research.

  2. I serve exactly like you taught me Sheila. Every time I face east I think of beautiful Brockville and you and Dale.

  3. Love the Anchor Bar have been there 3 times, the wings, atmosphere and history love it all. First in 1979, 1985 and again 1997. Their wings are amazing and have been hooked ever since. Thanks for the memories.

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