We Visit Palomar Observatory

I know, I know; You don’t lead a story with the ending but here actually visiting the observatory is just part of the story. The scenery going in and the scenery coming home made it all one great road trip.

One of the “must do’s” here at Jojoba Hills SKP Resort is a visit to Palomar Observatory. I’ve been asking around thre park about it and it sounded like the kind of place I’d like to see. First I learned that it was “just on that mountain right over there” as they pointed accross the valley but a 45 mile drive to get around there. Then I learned it was a “nice hike”. A 14 mile nice hike with a 3500′ elevation gain but hey, that is round trip.

We chose the drive

To get to the Observatory you first need to climb to 5550 feet above sea level. Needless to say, there are some great vista points along the way.
Yesterday we were the only visitors on the the whole property. the highlight for us was the museum on the paved trail from the parking lot to the “big white building” you see above. A good use of video covers the history and significance of this building.

There are hiking and biking trails and a State Park with camping, careful though, the park was closed when we were there.

More great vistas on the way down the mountain all add up to one great day trip.

2 thoughts on “We Visit Palomar Observatory

  1. nice to have the place all to yourself..gorgeous pictures…our sleeps are getting shorter 🙂

  2. The beauty of doing what you are doing this year is to be able to stop and visit things. We always wanted to check out the Observatory but never had time:( Keep enjoying!

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