We Take Pictures, I Share

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Last year we took thousands of pictures, a few of them amazing, some good but mostly a lot of not so good. So for my last post of the year 2012 I thought I would go back and have a look at them, and then pick a theme and start clicking.


After spending about two hours looking at all the memories of the past year I settled on a series of pictures about people. I could have done a great series on neat places and things we saw or cool cars or weird signs. I even could do a series on some of the fine beers I tasted over the past 12 months, but in the end, as I have mentioned before, this lifestyle is really all about the people, so why not start there.

Had I selected to do one on road signs, it would be easy because road signs don’t get hurt feelings if their picture didn’t make the cut. Nor do famous beers, but people do. So let me apologize, if you’re smiling face didn’t make it, believe me, it’s nothing personal. As I said, not many of my pictures are all that flattering anyway. I’ll try to do better this year with the picture thing because who knows, maybe I’ll want to do this again next year. Perhaps you can help; when we get together why don’t you say “We need to get a picture Larry”
So let’s all take this for what it is; just some of my great memories of 2012. By the way, if you want any or all of these picture for your very own, feel free, take them. On my computer I just right click on the picture, go to “save” or “save as” and enjoy. Also if you click through I think you can get one collage of all 27 pictures. You can also comment on specific pictures in the Google/Picasa album

Amazing People!

I used to think they called us amazing because of my personal charm and charisma and Marilyn’s beauty. Now I realize we are the Amazing Vanstones because we know so many amazing people.

“A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.”
Elbert Hubbard

To all our friends, whether we got your picture or not, thankyou for another amazing year. We hope 2013 is your best ever.


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