We Love Skype





Costa Esmerelda 011


I know, we used to love Vonage, but now we love Skype even more. It’s so easy. Simple to download, free to use computer to computer and 2 or 3 cents a minute from computer to phone, landline or cel phone. All you need is WiFi and you are on the phone, from anywhere on earth to anywhere on earth. And as long as you have Skype and our computer is on, you can call us. We are, you guessed it, amazingvanstones. What would you call us about you say? Well you could offer to send us money. I think we could set that up through PayPal. No eh? Well, maybe we can just chat. We certainly have lots of new stories we could tell you.

Today is US Thanksgiving so a big shout out to all our American friends and neighbors. Things aren’t going to well in your country these days, I agree. But I’ve met a lot of you and you are a tough resilient bunch, you will recover, I know you will.

This evening, right after Happy Hour, we have been invited for Thanksgiving dinner, in fact as I pound away on our laptop Mar is baking some buns for the event. Should be fun, at this point there will be 4 Americans, 2 Germans, and us 2 Canucks.

Tomorrow morning, we tuck in behind our US neighbors as we all head off in a south eastern direction on our way to Paa Muul. This will be brand new for us. We always “do our own thing” going our own way. Tomorrow we will playing Follow the Leader, communicating with our fellow travellers via CB. We’ve agreed on channel 18. Breaker 18, got your ears on?

We’ll talk again, down the road a bit.