We Have News!

We were going to do it, then we weren’t. OK, OK, let’s do it. Hold it, Hold it,  Let’s not.

Well, we did it and we are glad we did. Actually, we are ecstatic! If you know anyone looking for a really nice Townhouse to rent in Grimsby, let us know; We have a bought a little newer, little bigger coach and are going fulltiming for a while. Like maybe a few years. The new coach is being prepped now, should be ours in a week or so. The kids have been putting dibbs on various pieces of furniture, we’ve saved a few pieces to put in storage. We’ll be ready for a garage sale in about a month. With a little luck the move will all be over with by the end of June or July.

I was all set to show you a couple of pictures but all I’m getting is “http error” messages. (obviously a plot by some small electronic brain in our computer somewhere) I used to argue with computers, I’ve learned though; its about as effective as arguing with your wife.

Perhaps then a description: It’s an 04 3852 DutchStar, 2 slides, Freightliner  raised rail Chassis ,  330 Cat, Loads of storage, Washer/Dryer. loads of Corian, Ceramic tile floors, free standing table and chairs, with only about 38,000 miles. I’ll get some pictures that work, I promise.