We Do Church

When we travel through Mexico we often check out the local church. They are usually amazing pieces of architecture. By those standards this one is extemely small, very basic. But that’s not why we are here. Tonite we are in the little Catholic church on the Isla to celebrate Christmas eve.

Christmas is a huge deal here, so the church fills very quickly. We move outside to the courtyard so the regulars can take their seats. Mar and I are sitting in chairs, watching the show when the kids notice my camera. Kids being kids, they gotta clown around a bit.

Yes, that’s Bob in the middle. I guess we are all just kids when we get the chance.

The service is over and we are driving slowly through the streets on our way home;  lots of people come out of their homes, shake our hands and wish us Feliz Navidad. We should have been walking. Can you imagine the parties we would have been invited to then?

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