We Discover Geocache

We are sitting around at happy hour the other night and the topic of geocache comes up. What the hell is Geocache we say. We’ve heard the words but that’s about it.

Yesterday afternoon Linda and Sonny take us out and show us what it’s all about. If you want, this video will give you an idea what I’m talking about.

We are off on our adventure. The girls are doing the searching.

Sonny is the wheelman, I’m the observer. Here’s Marilyn reburying some treasure.

We were 8 for 8 on the afternoon. We went searching for 8 and they found them all. Marilyn’s hooked, I’m thinking it’s going to be a great sport, one that will fit right in with our “explorer” kind of lifestyle. Speaking of exploring, while the girls were checking out one set of clues, look what I found:


Talk about convenience! These drive through bars are all over the place here in Louisiana and I knew you would want to know all about them.  A gallon of  Daiquiris or Margaritas goes for $25 and they make them up right there. this guy says his are the best because his are all “hand made”. I guess that’s kinda like “home cooking”.

Here’s his menu:

Geocaching and Drive-Thru-Bars. You are always learning something at AmazingVanstones

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