We Clean Up

I knew I had a good looking lady but I……
Last night, being new years eve, we got all dolled up in our good clothes that still fit and had a great time at the Jojoba Hills New Years Eve parr-ty.
Great company, fine wine, great food and some live dancing music. We had it all. We even dropped in to another party in the park for some more fun and still were in bed by eleven.

Small World.

Friday night at happy hour I over heard a bit of a conversation and sensed there were more Canadians in the room. Turns out they are Dave and Gloria from Calgary. Turns out we had met them last year at Tres Amigos on Isla de la Piedra. Actually I believe I was partly responsible for getting them down here. Dave and I originally met on this blog.

You may recall a couple of weeks ago I told you the story of meeting Chuck and Anna, neighbors on Stone Island, here at Jojoba Hills. They’ve been showing us a great time.

How To Become Fearless

Now there’s a powerful message to begin your new year. So powerful that I’m going back to read it again.


5 thoughts on “We Clean Up

  1. I remember Dave & Gloria! They didn’t like it on the Isla & claimed that my photos of the Island on my blog were not ‘real’. Hmmm!

    Love your hats! Happy 2012!

  2. what a face..(not yours larry)…the furbaby face -I could just kiss it off..nothing wrong with yours either Lar..:)….we hope you and Mar have a wonderful 2012!!!!

  3. Contessa, I have never said anything regarding the source of your photos and you might want to consider your criticism of other people in a public forum such as this before you hit the “send” button.


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