We Be Cruzin’ North Carolina

Ah, for the life of the sea!

Ah, for the life of the sea!

There are two ways to leave the northern Outer Banks. One is by land, but the other is by sea. Ahoy matey, we’ll take the one by sea.

I’m talking a little pirate talk there because we are moving into the area of the North Carolina coast formerly controlled by the famous pirate Black Beard. I know we are going to be safe though because he died a four or five hundred years ago and hasn’t been seen since.

IMAG1740IMAG1744To go south by sea we first need to catch an hour boat ride from Hatteras Island to Ocracoake Island. We leave the park and head south about 30 miles. Our timing is perfect, we arrive just as the ferry is loading and yes, they have room left for another 60′. They squeeze one small car in after us, and we headed to Ocracoke (that’s pronounced Ocra like the veggie and coke like what you mix with rum).

For the next leg of our trip, we have a 2 1/2  hour wait for a 1 pm reservation for another bigger boat. We hang out in the village of Ocracoke. This is apparently where they captured and killed Black Beard. All that we can find open in the town are the numerous gift shops. We do our duty  and visit them all. We buy nothing!

How's that for close! I'm watching,you just watch me says the guys in the BlackBeard sweatshirt

How’s that for close! “I’m watching,you just watch me” says the guy in the BlackBeard sweatshirt

Soon it’s time for our second boat ride of the day, a two and a half hour ride from Ocracoke Island to Cedar Island. While sailing, we check our email, read our books and watch the fishing boats all from the comfort of our coach.

We finish that day after a two-hour drive to the Vanstones’ favorite RV park, another Camp Walmart , this time in Jacksonville North Carolina. As always, we ask, they welcome us and we spend some “gratitude” money in their store.

Yesterday morning we roll down highway 17 to Myrtle Beach and our third Coast to Coast Park, an almost full Briarcliffe RV Resort.

Maybe tomorrow we can talk about our Coast to Coast experience so far.

“Thing about boats is, you can always sell them if you don’t like them. Can’t sell kids.”  Lin Pardey





4 thoughts on “We Be Cruzin’ North Carolina

  1. Sounds like a fun boat ride.
    Enjoy Briarcliffe Resort, we were there April 2008 and had fun in Myrtle Beach area. Barefoot landing right beside the resort, saw the Oakridge Boys at the Alabama Theatre next door, Broadway at the beach, and the Dead Dog Saloon on the Marsh walk at Murell’s inlet was fun too. And of course lotsa beaches.
    Enjoy your time there.

  2. Judging by how close you were, I’m guessing there was no “jumping out to stretch your legs”?
    Did you have to shut off the propane even though you were outdoors? I would think not, but who knows?

  3. Actually, they parked us so that our entrance door was usable. Yes, we walked the ship and stretched our legs on both boats. And yes, I remebered toturn off the LP. I also forgot to turn it back on.

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