We are Blessed

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think a week goes by without me reminding you that the thing we like the absolute best about this life-style, you know, this owning Wheel Estate, this Small house, Big backyard thing is the people.

We were talking about how happy we are again tonight, on our way home from dinner with Barry and Gail. We first met them a couple of years ago in Tres Amigos RV park in Mazatlan when they were our next door neighbors for a couple of months. I guess we’d forgotten they were here but one day Marilyn was at the Flea Market with some girl friends (Ladies Day out) and she ran into them.

Barry and Gail

Last night we were out for supper at Dale and Sheila’s (great friends, we have parked next to each other in at least the following places; Ontario, Texas, Mexico, Arizona, Ontario and now Arizona again) and caught up with Bonnie and George who we met through Dale and Sheila. It’s gotta be a couple of years since we’ve talked to them.

Sheila, Marilyn, George, Bonnie and most of Dale

See that pool? That was yesterday afternoon when we got together with Bob and Lilly at their park for a hamburger lunch and all the beer you could drink between noon and three

Apparently Marilyn squeezed Bob out of this picture so she could sit next to Lilly

We met Bob a couple of years ago in Ontario. He was in from up north to buy a motor home and was hanging around waiting for it to be pre-delivered. Turns out he was there for his birthday. turns out we went out for dinner. We met Lilly here in Yuma last year on our way back from Mexico.

OK, this is the important stuff! Remember the free beer thing? See the empty cup in front of the ladies? See the one next to it full of diet Pepsi? Those were mine. I, Larry Vanstone, passed up free beer and did it not just once, not just twice, but for three hours in a row. Honest, Scout’s Honour. See, I am turning into a responsible adult. A little late perhaps but hey!

OK, maybe it’s not only about the people. It is mostly the people and just a little they offer to buy me a beer.

Once again, I thank you for enduring this drivel almost every day.

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  1. people definitely make this travelling lifestyle special….great pics…looks like your having a wonderful time..but I can’t believe you passed up a free beer Larry 🙂

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