Way Up North

At 8 oclock this morning it’s still quite dark (sunrise 8:23) and it’s -6 C (about 20 F). Our high today is supposed to be about 0 C (32 F). We can’t move our slides in because the topper awnings are weighted down with ice. We are dealing with the edge of a northern winter for the first time in a few years, and already we are reminded of why we left almost 20 years ago. We don’t like it.

Lucky us though, unlike our neighbors, in a few days we get to leave all this for warmer, much more southern  climates.

They, on the other hand are preparing for the long cold they know is coming. In the picture above you can see the winter water pipe that works it’s way through parts of the park. Inside is a heat taped water line with loads of insulation wrapped around it. At the box behine each site each RV can attach their own heat taped and insulated water hose to provide water through out the next few months.  Note how carefully they have skirted their 5’th to keep the heat in. All this so they can be comfortable in the annual “cold snap” where temperatures dip down below -40 C (that’s forty below F, cold in any language)

We have been here only 5 days and our Hydra-Hot furnace/water heater has used a about quarter tank of diesel (more than $100) to keep us cozy and warm.

The good news is that the weather forecast  says that it will warm to 6 or 8 C (low to mid 40’s) here as we get to the weekend. Our icy slide toppers will melt and by Monday, as scheduled, we will lift our jacks, pull in our slides, and begin our voyage south to meet up with our friends in southern Arizona.

Between now and then we will continue to appreciate and enjoy the time we get to spend with Mike, Tracy and the kids and Marilyn’s sister and mother.

We also promise to really appreciate our “pretty gorgeous” recreation vehicle. I’m not sure I would trade places with these folks anytime soon.

Keep warm or keep cool, depending on where you are lucky enough to be.

4 thoughts on “Way Up North

  1. Be careful not to crack your sewer hose….last time in Edmonton in the month of October we did…..Colin had to go on the roof with a broom to break up the ice on the slides…last time we did Edmonton in Oct. Frankly June this year was bad enough for us!! We are just nice and toasty 40KM north of the Mexican border.

  2. We started out camping with the hardtop camper.
    When I see them, it always brings back the good times we had camping with our kids.

  3. Shiver,s yes thank god we are lucky to head south, it,s almost 80 in Laughlin today.. Had to turn th air cond. on not the furnace…Kep in touch!!!

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