Watching Paint Dry XXXXVI

Coastal Storm

There’s something unique about this painting. Can you see it?
This picture started out as “practise”, something to paint to get back into painting, if you know what I mean, but I think it turned into a lot more than that. You need to get up close to real thing on this one to see all the anger in those waves.
We spent about a week of stressful days while watching and waiting for hurricane Sandy to come up and fortunately around us when we were parked near the ocean in the Boston area. We watched those angry waves roll in.
At the time I thought Marilyn handled the stress rather well. Now that I see painting I understand that she appeared to handle the stress well. Inside her it was more stressful than she was letting on. So while this painting may or may not be about hurricane Sandy, the terrible storm certainly influenced it’s creation.
Have you figured out what’s different with this one? Look at the signature; up until this work every painting has been signed “Mar”. This one is signed “M Vanstone”. She practised the signature for nights in her sleep, just to make sure she did it right. Is she maturing as an artist?

2 thoughts on “Watching Paint Dry XXXXVI

  1. beautiful work and a beautiful capture of what she was feeling..thats what being an artist is all about !! Good job…you can see the beauty in this, and also her fear…wtg Mar !!!

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