Watching Paint Dry XXXXV

We often joke about our `small house with a big backyard`. Last March, while at Lost Dutchman State Park near Apache Junction, Arizona, we certainly had a very impressive, amazing, backyard. When we weren`t hiking the trails on the mountain Mar was standing at here easel working to capture the look and feel of the  Superstition Mountains. Then one day, we got busy and the unfinished painting got hidden in our basement where it rested for months. In a moment of inspiration yesterday, Marilyn finally gave it the finishing touches. All this as the painting below was drying in the warm Southern Ontario sun.

During our week`s holiday in Toronto while out for a walk with the dogs one morning we spied the most beautiful flowers growing up through a crack in the concrete street beside us.
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One thought on “Watching Paint Dry XXXXV

  1. gorgeous just gorgeous!!! such talent I’m in awe…I took art lessons in my younger days..needless to say I didn’t pass..

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