Watching Paint Dry XXXXIX

Veils of Moss
You’ve watched this one come together over the past days. Now it’s signed, it’s sealed, it’s done.
The spot that inspired the painting is about a mile down the canal from the RV park and has become a bit of an attraction on its own; while we all watch for alligators as we poke down the canal someone always says,”that’s where Marilyn’s latest came from”

She already has her next two creations figured out. We are now only here in Okeechobee for less than two weeks, will they too be done before we lift the jacks?
When I report on those two new ones that apparently will be number 50 in the Watching Paint Dry series. I say apparently because I really need to go back and check those numbers.

The prints are coming along just fine, we are waiting for some more supplies and then many of Marilyn’s creations will be available as popular sized, extremely affordable,  exact reproductions of the originals.

Ceramic tile coasters

Ceramic tile coasters. The perfect spot to place your favorite beverage

I don’t think we have ever talked about coasters. Marilyn was getting ready for the big Grimsby Art Show last fall and she made up coasters consisting of a 4 x 4 ceramic tile painted to match a 4×4 print of each of her pictures. We laminate the prints to the tile and properly seal them to make them waterproof.
As you recall, the show was cancelled because of the weather, but in spite of that we only have 2 or 3 dozen on the original 10 dozen we made up. Obviously popular. We need to get cracking and make up some more of those.

“Everything you can imagine is real.”
? Pablo Picasso

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  1. I was lucky enough to receive a set of Marilyn’s coasters for my birthday and we love them. They really stand up well as they have probably seen more use than anything else in our RV.

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