Watching Paint Dry XXXXIII

This painting has it’s real beginning about a year ago when goood friend Cindy is touring South America and snaps a picture of this fruit and vegetable stand in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is taken by the stong colors and thinks Marilyn might like to paint something like this. When we all get together in May Cindy shows Mar the picture and tells her the story behind it. Fast forward to December, when we were in Jojoba Hills she prints a couple of copies of the picture, attaches them to her easel and begins her creation
One day in early january she tells me that this one is a real challenge and she is building the store and then will stock the shelves and the baskets with the produce.
The project got put away for a couple of weeks while we were at Quartzite but yesterday it came back out and was completed in the gorgeous Arizona sunshine.

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