Watching Paint Dry XXXXI

Told Ya So!

I could tell by the look in her eyes that this would be a painting some day soon.

I know you’ll think I’m biased but I think she nailed this one.

I know, I know, you want to be an artist too. Marilyn started with a fascination with jigsaw puzzles. She used to blow these things away in seconds. Here’s a picture of a ¬†banna split we enjoyed last summer.¬† Now it’s a jig saw puzzle for you.
Let’s see who has the stuff to become a world famous artist. Post your time on Comments if you want.


5 thoughts on “Watching Paint Dry XXXXI

  1. gorgeous painting…you definitely have the talent Marilyn…so realistic ….how nice to have such talent…I won’t do the puzzle right now..its too early in the day and my brain is still asleep as I’ve only had one coffee so far…:) maybe I’ll come back and do it later…have a super day folks.

  2. George it took me a while to get on to it too. I’m no match for Mar but I now have repectable times. Just takes a little practise

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