Watching Paint Dry XXXVII

That’s “37” for those of us who don’t “do” Roman numerals, For all of us it’s a painting of a Sunflower, the “official flower of Altona Manitoba”.

You may recall we stopped in Altona to visit Glen and Myrna  last October on our way west. Yeah, I know,  we visited them again in San Antonio,  Texas. So sorry, they like to party and on occasion Mar & I don’t mind joining in ourselves. They are fun folk  Myrna, in her “summer job”works for Friesens. While taking us on a tour of  her workplace Myrna gave Mar a book that their company had produced about Altona. For my sweetheart the highlight of that book was pictures of sunflowers; hence this painting.

See the honey bee in the top right corner of the painting;  see how she’s ready to do what the  birds and bees do?

Who knew my wife painted that kind of stuff?






3 thoughts on “Watching Paint Dry XXXVII

  1. Good Day Larry,
    Just checking in to see if all is well? I’ve been missing your blogs.

  2. Hi guys. All is well, we just seem to be involved in a bunch of other stuff right now. I’ll be back, hopefully soon. Thanks

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