Watching Paint Dry XXXVI

One day, back in February when we were still in Mexico, we we were in Coppella with Bob & Marjorie. You remember Copella, that’s the old mining, mountain town famous for their architecture and  great cream pies.

As we walked through the cobblestone streets of the village, Marilyn suddenly grabbed the camera out of my hands, dropped back and snapped a couple of pictures. Now you see why.

Don’t you just love the Bougainvilleas?

You can see this picture and many more of her favorites and even visit with the artist at the Thorlod Arts and Crafts Show, May 28 and 29 at the Thorold Arena.

It’s be a great chance for us all. Someday we’ll all be able to tell the great grand children that we knew her way back when she was just getting her start.

Want to  see more of Mar’s art?  Check out her website:

Just tell her Larry sent you.