Watching Paint Dry XXVII

I do believe you saw this picture before, but back then it was only a photograph. Now, it’s a full blown creation of our Artist In Residence, Marilyn.We walk by this old house and cabin on our morning walks around 50 Point. Somedays, like this day,┬áthe water is so still you can see every detail in the reflection in the water.

Wouldn’t you agree? She just keeps getting better and better.

You can view all of Marilyn’s paintings right here.

5 thoughts on “Watching Paint Dry XXVII

  1. Hi Larry and Marilyn:
    We enjoyed reading your blog and your new home will surely be lovely!
    We are having a great summer as Don is ‘pretty well retired’ from farming so lots of time to do some summer getaways.
    We have been wondering about Roy and Cathy, do not have their e mail and keep thinking about them. Maybe you could drop us a quick line.
    We are still looking for ‘the camper’ but have lots of time to do it.
    We are off to the balloon festival in Quebec with a group of our old friends from our Mexican caravan.
    We are hoping to drop to to 50 point some time this summer and see the place.
    Thanks again for the interesting blog.
    Don and Barb

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