Watching Paint Dry XXI

You have watched this one grow over the past few days. I think the word is other than a signature it’s done.

As I look over the Picasa album of her art I see we are missing a couple of her paintings. I’ll get right on that, I promise. Here’s the album Marilyn’s Art as we see it today.

Yesterday afternoon the dogs and I took Marilyn for a long walk on the beach. We followed that with a trip to the Perlas Del Mar De Cortez in nearby Mirmar. She must have been extra good lately.

3 thoughts on “Watching Paint Dry XXI

  1. It’s lovely Mar!! You just get better and better.
    Envy you the 80 degree weather, it’s nasty here in TX this month.
    What’s the trinket?
    Tom and Lois

  2. Thanks so much. Each time I paint it gets more fun. I must say the the setting here is perfect. The trinket is a little pearl bangle. Nice to be spoiled!!

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