Watching Paint Dry V


As you have probably guessed from the title this is Marilyn’s 5th ever Oil Painting. If you sometimes read this collection of “useless information” you already know that she did her first ever painting at an Art Class (early February) while we were at the Big O RV Park. We can blame Sheila of Brian and Sheila, (not Sheila of Dale and Sheila ) for all this. She suggested Mar accompany her to a class. Since she’s been home, she has completed 2 more, and starts painting lessons for serious next Saturday. Lessons go Saturday mornings, as well as Tuesday and Wednesday evenings (anybody want to go for Beer and Pizza? the dogs and I are available). We also suddenly have an Art Supply store or 2 in our computer’s Favorites. Where will this all end? I bet before we know it she’ll be part of an Art Show like the Grimsby Festival of the Art After that maybe an event in Toronto or New York . They say Paris is lovely in the Spring. Perhaps I’m moving a little quick.