Watching Paint Dry L

Jupiter Beach Lighthouse

Jupiter Beach Lighthouse

Now this is different! Marilyn is pretty much fascinated with lighthouses lately. Oops, let’s try this again.

Fortunately Marilyn is still fascinated by me, then our kids, then our dogs unless grandson Aiden is around. You can guess what happens then.

This trip down the east coast of the US has fanned her interest in lighthouses. The lighthouse at Jupiter beach itself is built out of small red brick so there is not much to paint and no matter what angle we checked it out from there just didn’t seem to be a picture.

Until we saw it at sunset.

She had been packing these two small canvases for a long time and here the lighthouse, the gorgeous sunset and the 2 small canvases  all came together.

I love the strong colors.

Can You count using Roman Numerals?

Obviously I can’t. Apparently I screwed up as soon as I passed Watching Paint Dry XXXX . Now there is supposed to be an L in it. I started out this post with “watching Paint Dry XXXXX but was corrected by my roman-numeral-mathematician/artist/accountant wife.

No wonder their empire collapsed.

“Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone” 
Pablo Picasso


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