Wash Day Blues


In our Casa Rodante (motor home) we have a combo washer/dryer. It’s small compared to your washer and dryer but it usually gets the job done. A couple of weeks ago it developed a leak or two and while it still did a good job it was leaking water all over the coach. Not good!

So with Bob’s help we pulled it out, set it up outside where the leak doesn’t matter, watched closely as we put it through it’s cycles and identified the problems.

We found the parts we needed in Oregon, shipped them to some freinds of Bob & Marjorie’s in Indiana, they brought them with them when they flew down to visit.

You see me here, doing my best imitation of knowing what I’m doing, making the repairs. Wonder of wonders, with some minor adjustments, the problems appear to be fixed and the real biggy; So far no blood. Usually when I pick up a tool, I begin to bleed.

We’ll put it through it’s paces a time or two today just to make sure it’s fixed and then (cross your fingers)  reinstall it in our coach.

For our first load lets see if we can get those wine stains out.

3 thoughts on “Wash Day Blues

  1. Jeanne always advises me to just go ahead and wack myself to start the blood since it’s going to happen anyway

  2. Nice to have the parts so handy and personally delivered to you, did you pay their airfare? Now Mar will be happy again! Thats a good staged picture of you with tools in your hand, good thing you had someone to help!

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