A Walmart Shopping Tale

10 x 10 Wenzel Screen house. I can feel the evening breeze already!

Last summer after regularly being chased by mosquitos from our evening outdoor cup of tea, we decided we needed a good quality screen tent.  The key here is good quality. We’ve had a couple of cheapies over the years and they have served us well until the wind came up or until it rained. We promised ourselves that this winter, when we had more time, we would buy a good one. We’ve been in a bunch of RV parks this winter and we have seen a lot of screen tents.  We  paid special attention to which brands appeared to be working and which ones did not.

We settled on a Wenzel, a brand we only learned about here in the south. It appears to be of good quality and is easy to set up and take down. As an added feature, the screen walls are detachable so we can use it as a canopy. That’s a great feature for the budding artist in our family.

Finally it was time to get out the credit card and buy one. The best deal was Walmart online so we placed our order. Oops, their site will not accept our Canadian card.

No problem, we need some groceries anyway. Maybe they’ve even got one in the store. Now at Walmart.com you can order your product, then go to a store and pay for it but for some reason we chose not to do that. We are in the store and are directed to a computer where we can access Walmart.com. We find our screen room on-line but their computer will not allow us to check out.  With the frustration mounting, we finally find an extremely helpful assistant. She has never ordered on-line but she is familiar with the ancient computer we have been assigned.

We place the order for the screen room. Once again, the website won’t take our Canadian card. No problem though, the store will be happy to. We just need to print the order and then process the money part at the till right there. Oops, the printer is out of paper.  Oops, it’s not a paper problem, it’s a printer problem.

Did I mention that Marilyn chose that day  to forgot to bring her glasses and her hearing aids?

Finally the hesitant printer prints, our card is accepted and within seconds Mar gets a text from Walmart.com telling her our order is being processed.

We will have our screen house in a couple of weeks. I’ll let you know how it works out.

“People you don’t like are pigheaded. Your friends are stubborn, or hold to their purpose”-Victor Radcliff

3 thoughts on “A Walmart Shopping Tale

  1. We have one of those screen rooms here in Mexico. We made sure that it was also noseeum proof. Still haven’t set it up though.

    A wee trick re Canadian/US credit cards. Just buy a VISA gift card at the Walmart checkout with your Canadian credit card. Then when you shop online if they don’t take your Canadian credit card you can use your prepaid/refillable US credit card.

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